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In history, pirates would have a set of rules they had to follow. In Candle Cove, all of the pirates are supposed to follow the Pirate's Code of Honour. Each pirate must sign this code and abide by it, or be shunned forever.

The only crew that does not abide by the code is the Rubber Fishes, which is why the other pirates hate them.

Some parts of the code are based on real pirate codes that were established for individual crews. Others are made up purely for the show.

The Code:

  • I shall not steal from other pirates, and only steal from those who are not pirates.
  • I shall be loyal to my crew members.
  • I shall never torture anyone to gain information, items, or for mere pleasure.
  • I shall lend help to children, and protect them.
  • Anyone accused of any crime or violation of the code shall receive a fair trial before receiving punishment.
  • Any brawls or arguements shall be settled on shore.
  • I shall not kidnap any woman or bring her in disguise onto the ship for the purpose of seducing her.*
  • I shall take good care of my ship.
  • I shall not eat desert before breakfast.
  • I shall not wake my crew mates in the middle of the night unless it is of urgency.
  • I will not kill any innocents.
  • I will never, under any circumstance, rob a person of their virtue by forcing them to do something vile they would never do of their free will.
  • I shall not ally myself with one who would break these codes unless the situation be dire and require it.
  • I shall not stay up past midnight.
  • I shall not turn my crew over to the enemy for any favor, sum of money, object, or amount of power.
  • I shall keep my weapons clean, and train once a month.
  • I shall not break any of the rules.
  • I will follow the code, and encourage my crew mates to do so also.


There was another page dealing with how to dish out justice for various crimes. The punishments mentioned in the show are as follows:

Crime Punishment
Stealing from another pirate Tied to the mast without food. Number of days determined by the crew
Murder Keelhauling
Vandalizing the ship Forced to clean the ship top to bottom, without help from the rest of the crew
False accusations towards another crew member Entire body shaved
Lying "LIAR" tattooed to the person's tongue
Abandoning crew mates in need No meals. Number of days determined by crew.
Betrayal Flogging and imprisonment on the ship
Drunk when needed sober Everything found in a short version of the shanty "Drunken Sailor"
Keeping fellow crew mates up during the night

No sleep for days (determined by crew mates)

Side Note:

  •   *This part of the article has been confirmed to be adjusted for female pirates.