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The Tarantula Crew is a pirate crew from the novels, first appearing in Candle Cove: Come and Rip (1988).

Chronologically, they pre-date the Laughingstock Crew and are first seen in Candle Cove: The Spirits Cave. The crew's flag was a tarantula on a web.

Known Crew Members:

Crew's Fate

The crew was betrayed by Red Mary, who sunk the ship by burning it until few of the crew members were left, causing the Thade Soben to lose his sanity and become the Skin-Taker, Lillian to go into shock, and Percy to lose all his courage. Lillian was later killed by Red Mary, and Boar took care of her surviving child.


  • Their are two different versions of their flag. One was used in the Candle Cove: The Spirits Cave cover, while the other one in promotional artwork previous to that book.