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The Skin-Taker's Daughter in The Nickerbocker's tale is never named, but she is described by Percival, who fell in love with her after talking to her at a tavern, and became obsessed with her.


She has long, deep brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin and red lips. Percival takes one and a half pages to describe how beautiful he believes she is, and would have gone on longer if he hadn't been interrupted by a crewmate telling him of a "prize" (ship to rob) on the sea.

Role in the Book

The only thing known about her is that Percival tried to woo her, resulting in the Skin-Taker hating him. It is implied by Horace Sinistra that the Skin-Taker thought Percival got his daughter pregnant, but Percival claims that the Skin-Taker simply didn't want his daughter to be in love with a pirate. The Skin-Taker himself claims Percival only wanted to marry her for money.

Either way, Percival plans on kidnapping her and using his singing to make her fall in love with him (which implies it is highly unlikely he ever got the girl pregnant).